Rain Jacket "When The Rain Is Painting The Coat" Green. Handmade and Hand Painted. Free Shipping. 10 Years Guarantee. Expand

Rain Jacket "When The Rain Is Painting The Coat" Green


Very tender and dynamic in the same time, adorable rain, let's travel to the ocean. Pattern on the back, detachable Hood, closing by snaps, two pockets and cuff.

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Size guide

Please, remember these sizes are designed to fit women's bodies.

To figure out what size fits you, please check the following measures and compare them with the measures of the rainwear you choose:

  • A: length
  • B: circumference (hips + 9 inches or 23 cm)
  • C: sleeve length


Type: Swing

Raincoat Size Guide. Raincoatlady.com

SIZEA (Total lenght)B (Circumference)C (Sleeve lenght)

Rain Jacket

Type: Swing

Rain Jacket Size Guide Raincoatlady.com

SIZEA (Total lenght)B (Circumference)C (Sleeve lenght)

Type: Straight, insert sleeves, no painting

Rain Jacket Size Guide Raincoatlady.com

SIZEA (Total lenght)B (Circumference)C (Sleeve lenght)

Rain Cape

Rain Cape Size Guide. Raincoatlady.com

SIZEA (Total lenght)C (Sleeve lenght)

Plus size possible. All Products Can Be Tailormade. We are artisans. For minus, plus size or on demand:contact me.

Plus size possible. Contact me

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Handmade in France
Waterproof, breathable and light fabric

Rain jacket "When The Rain Is Painting The Coat" designed and handpainted by the artisan and fashion designer Iris Mansard.

The rain jacket "When The Rain Is Painting The Coat" is a exclusive wearable art. It is more than a raincoat, it is a travelcoat, a allweather coat, a windbreaker, a statement.

This rainwear is very confortable and light, with hood detachable, pockets and closing snaps. Breathable fabric, waterproof, garantie 10 years, machine washable, no creasing. Free shipping, high quality product and after sales services.

Benefits and Guarantee when You Buy a Raincoatlady Product:

Free Shiping in Europe and USA, for other countries, contact me.

Fabric 100% Waterproof, Breathable and Ligth. Easy to pack and clean (30°C - washing machine). For more details on the fabric.

10 Years Guarantee. Free Reparation. High quality product. Reactive after sale service. Our fabric is guaranteed but if you make an hole, we will fix it and send you back within 30 days. ALL REPAIRS ARE FREE OF CHARGE!

Return Accepted within 7 (seven) days from delivery date.

Delivery Time. Between 3 days and 3 weeks

Sizes Guide. Check out the size guide.

Plus size possible. All Products Can Be Tailormade. We are artisans. For minus, plus size or on demand contact me.

Painting Cannot Be 100% Identical of product images because is handmade and/or handpainted.

Iris-Mansard in Her Studio of Handmade Rainware
DesignWhen the Rain is Painting the Coat
Detachable hoodYes
Closing snapsYes

When I started the raincoats I tried all the international rain fabrics and I kept this one.

It is 16% Polyester, 79% PVC, and 5% PU.

DONE BY ENDUCTION, the rain fabric is extremely light, breathable, waterproof, doesn't make any noise, has a  long life and it is recyclable.

A very good wind stopper, it always stays breathable - which is the reason that my costumers wear it all over the year for all purposes.

Easy to clean: machine washable (gentle cycle, 40 C, liquid soap) air drying, no dryer, no drycleaner, ironable (steamable inside).

Never creasing: even the most elegant coat you can roll it up and keep in a little bag, you don't have to worry about the fabric, you cannot hurt it

In the beginning of these raincoat collection I did other colors too, but my client wants to wear this coat or jacket all over the day for all, she doesn't have anymore the time to change cloths and so the color black is the most convenient.

I have the best feedback from my costumers for this fabric, so I keep it for the rain purpose but play in all direction with it...........Citywear or sportswear, it depends on you....


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