Raincoats. Handmade Raincoats, Hand Painted by artist Iris Mansard. Artistic and original raincoats made by artist Iris Mansard in her laboratory in the French Basque Country. The fabric used is 100% waterproof and breathable. Buy Online Handmade Raincoats with free Worldwide Delivery on and 10 Years Guarantee on Raincoatlady.com.

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  • Raincoat Energy

    Raincoat "Energie" designed and handpainted by Iris Mansard. All is in the line. Have to be in excellent shape to output all this energy in one stroke of white color. Not for all kind of people. You need to possess personality to wear it.

  • Raincoat Veronique

    Raincoat Veronique, designed and handpainted by Iris Mansard Incomparable, elegance swings, lightness effleurs. All color combinations possible. No hood, no pocket Only for slim person, you have to email us the circumference of your brest, belly, hips, the length you want, hood can be added.

  • Raincoat Birds

    Raincoat "Birds", designed and handpainted by Iris Mansard. A tree of life walks in the street, the birds observe the environnement. Pure poetry for people who live still in harmony with nature.

  • Raincoat Oriental Design


    Inspired by Klimt, sophisticated fantasia of gold and silver. Dessin on the back. Advises mid-lenght (44inch).

  • Raincoat 3 Colors


    Raincoat “3 colors”, designed and handpainted by iris mansard.The 3 colors turn around your body, make you swinging through your day.

  • Raincoat Soulage


    Raincoat "Soulage" designed and handpainted by iris mansard. Metal brushing,strong. Lines of emancipation. The woman is decided, strong and determined, existence.

  • Raincoat Opera Black and Gold


    Rainwear Style : A large romantic hood. Generous wave painting in gold and copper. Convenient for opera



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