The Fabric.

Discover all the features and benefits of the fabric used to tailor my raincoats and rain jackets.


  • Light. The heaviest rainwear weights only ...
  • Breathable. Thanks to its composition, the internal layer let your body breath freely while the external one protects it from the rain.
  • Waterproof. 100% waterproof
  • Windstopper. Offers protection in condictions of wind.
  • Noiseless. Unlike others fabrics, it generates any noises when rubbed.
  • Crease-resistant. You can roll it up and put it in a bag without worrying about creasing.
  • Durable. Resistant technical fabric.
  • Recyclable.

The selection.

All my rainwear are made by the same fabric. The fabric is a high-end technical fabric produced in France.

When I started making raincoats I tried all the international known rainproof fabrics and after many trials and errors, I finally decide to kept the one I'm now using.

How it's made.

My rainware are made by coating, a technique by which the painting is applied to the surface of the fabric and then it gets dried. Because of this process, some care is required at the time of cleaning. Nevertheless, the fabric is extremely resistant light, breathable and, of course, 100% waterproof.

The combination of breathable, waterproof and windstopper propieties of the fabric reduces to minimum the effects of cold and rain and the risk of body over-heating. A very good wind stopper, it always stays breathable - which is the reason that my costumers wear it all over the year for all purposes.

How to care.

  • Easy to clean. Gently clean with a humid towel.
  • Machine washable. Cold washing or gentle cycle at maximum 40ºC (104°F) with liquid soap.
  • No dry cleaning. Air drying, don't use dryer, no drycleaner.
  • Not ironable. Steamable from the inside.

When to wear it.

The combination of breathable, waterproof and windstopper propieties make it suitable for all seasons so you can wear it all over the year for every kind of occasions, both as citywear or sportswear.

I have the best feedback from my costumers for this fabric, so I keep it for rain purpose but play in all direction with it.

Are there other colors availables?

In the beginning of these raincoat collection I did other colors too, but my client wants to wear this coat or jacket all over the day for all, they didn't have time to change cloths and so the color black is the most convenient.


16% Polyester, 79% PVC, and 5% PU.

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