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Smart, original, one of a kinds,
Waterproof and breathable fabric.
The concept is genious... to take an item everybody needs and uses,
and to transform it in wearable art.
Customer Lady M.


I wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed the raincoat I purchased from you in New York City five years ago.

I have taken it to Ireland, Italy and Alaska.

It still is like new and I never wear it anywhere from the supermarket to the theatre that I don't get compliments.

I want to order a coat for my daughter's birthday in June.

I just found your website tonight and can't wait to have her see what is available.

That raincoat has been a joy!!

The coat came and is even more beautiful than I remembered.

I am getting lots of compliments and giving out your name

Iris, believe me you are worth waiting for.

I can actually remember following you from show to show before I made the decision in NYC.

I wanted them all!

I received my rain poncho and it's beautiful!

Just wanted you to know how much I love your creativity .thanks!

I did receive the raincoat, very, very beautiful; I have worn it yesterday evening for the opera, thanks’.

What a superb quality for a reasonable price and perfect service..........

Good value for money, impressed by the service

The raincoat is wonderful. I feel like an empress when I wear it. Let it reign....let it rain ....let it rain.......

I have to tell you how much I love my (blue geometrical) raincoat.

Not only that, I cannot tell you how many people have come to me and commented on my raincoat and how much they like it.

I send them off to www.raincoatlady.com

I took it to London in the fall and have been wearing it for the last weeks in Northern California where we have been inundated with rain.

It kept me dry.

Sunday 3.20.11

"Hi Iris..I purchased a poncho from you in 4/07 and I just had someone ask me again today where I got it.  It went to China and still lives on happily in MN.  Thought you would like to know...Susan A, MN"

Wednesday 3.30.11

"Just got back from a trip to South America and a woman traveling with our group, Yvette S. L., had your Geometrical Design Raincoat (yellow and pink trim) and I loved it ... just don't know whether I need a Small or Medium ... do you have a showroom in NYC that I can come to or would you send both and I can return one, whichever is easier." Tiffany C, NYC