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Smart, original, one of a kinds,
Waterproof and breathable fabric.
The concept is genious... to take an item everybody needs and uses,
and to transform it in wearable art.
Customer Lady M.

Our fabric

When I started the raincoats I tried all the international rain fabrics and I kept this one.

It is 16% Polyester, 79% PVC, and 5% PU.

DONE BY ENDUCTION, the rain fabric is extremely light, breathable, waterproof, doesn't make any noise, has a  long life and it is recyclable.

A very good wind stopper, it always stays breathable - which is the reason that my costumers wear it all over the year for all purposes.

Easy to clean: machine washable (gentle cycle, 40 C, liquid soap) air drying, no dryer, no drycleaner, ironable (steamable inside).

Never creasing: even the most elegant coat you can roll it up and keep in a little bag, you don't have to worry about the fabric, you cannot hurt it

In the beginning of these raincoat collection I did other colors too, but my client wants to wear this coat or jacket all over the day for all, she doesn't have anymore the time to change cloths and so the color black is the most convenient.

I have the best feedback from my costumers for this fabric, so I keep it for the rain purpose but play in all direction with it...........Citywear or sportswear, it depends on you....