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Smart, original, one of a kinds,
Waterproof and breathable fabric.
The concept is genious... to take an item everybody needs and uses,
and to transform it in wearable art.
Customer Lady M.
New collection - Handpainted Raincoats

Iris Mansard, artisan and fashion designer, it is her, the Raincoatlady !

Artisan of one of a kind's pieces since 1970 she creates today raincoats which vary from a biking cape to a coat for the opera.

 Iris Mansard, it is more than a raincoat
Hold in high esteem by the gotha of Paris and New York for the originality of the colors of her handpaint collection she is also very well known for the quality of execution of her raincoats.

High quality and services. All repairs are free of charge !   
A perfect cut, a fabric with a 10 year guarantee and an incredible service after sale make appreciating the jackets, capes and coats of raincoatlady. Learn more